Wright was founded in 2004. The company has advanced Dip and SMD packaging lines dedicated to manufacturing high quality LED products. Full introduction of ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system, PB-Free process and RoHS system, strict implementation of "lead-free solder high temperature operation", "IR-Reflow continuous high temperature operation", "high-end Mouse tail light application High-end demand standards such as “cold tropical trouble-free application” and “high lumens and low light decay long-term use” to meet customer requirements for RoHS, REACH and HF.

      Wright is currently a national high-tech enterprise with strong R&D capabilities and complete testing facilities and systems. In order to provide a complete range of LED product application solutions to various customers, Wright has actively cooperated with universities and research institutes on “production, learning and research” on the basis of its own sound quality and environmental management system. In-depth development, the establishment of optoelectronic packaging laboratory, and the absorption of students with excellent academic performance to work and study. At present, it has achieved fruitful results in LED packaging, lighting and peripheral accessories. It has successively obtained 16 invention patents and 42 utility model patents, and several invention and utility model patents are still in the application.

        "Excellent talents" plus "advanced manufacturing equipment", "advanced manufacturing process" and "10,000-level purification workshop" have effectively guaranteed the high quality of Wright LED products. Infrared LED, module LED, high-foot LED, high-temperature LED, deep-UV LED, side-emitting LED, etc. are the special LED products of Wright. At present, it has obtained excellent supplier status in LED application fields such as computer peripherals, communication, lighting, traffic number, touch panel, security equipment, intelligent equipment, vehicle lighting, curing equipment, sterilization and purification, and has been certified by HP/DELL. .

      The Wright people are practicing the great ideal of “Better Light Better Life” with the attitude of “hard work, tenacity and happiness”!